For dogs of all sizes and ages!

Every dog needs a job and should have a few tricks up his or her sleeve! Have a great time with your dog while teaching a variety of tricks chosen with your dog’s particular personality and physique in mind. We cover a wide variety of fun tricks including (but, not limited to): spin, paw, take a bow, sit pretty, wave, hi five, rollover, jumps, weaving between your legs, jumping through hoops (literally) and we take requests for additional tricks best suited to your dog!

We use our own methods using positive reward-based training and free-shaping techniques to motivate and encourage you and your dog. This course is a great pre-cursor to agility, therapy dog certification and a potential career as a dog star! Teaching tricks is a great way to enhance your relationship with your dog, to improve overall canine manners and your skills as a trainer while having a blast!

When I signed up for the Slick Tricks class with my deaf Schnoodle Suzi, I was concerned that she might not be able to keep up with the hearing dogs. I shouldn’t have worried – Deb was fantastic at getting Suzi to understand what we wanted her to do by using visual cues. We had the best time and my friends and family are so impressed when I show them the video of her tricks routine or demonstrate in person! This is not your average “roll over” and “play dead” class. Deb really works with the individual dog and owner to bring out their best. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to show just how smart their puppy is, and for anyone who wants to do a class that’s nothing but fun!
— Tobi Young