Socializing and Training your Puppy!

This is a 6-week class designed to cover the basics of puppy training and care. (Puppies are between 8 weeks and 6 months of age.) The initial focus of these classes is to provide intensive socializing opportunities and exercises for the puppies to encourage a sense of confidence and to reduce fear. A properly socialized puppy will become a pet you will feel safe having around children of all ages, adults of different sizes, and dogs of various breeds and dispositions. If you successfully socialize your puppy at this young age, many of the problems that can develop (biting, barking, timidity, fear, fear-based aggression, lack of impulse control) may never present; but if they do, they can be contained and addressed in a supervised setting. Proper socializing will create a happy, confident and well-adjusted pup.

Learn Basic Obedience from the Best!

We also do intense attention and focus exercises to help you gain more control. Once you have your puppy’s attention you’ll be better able to manage his behavior. We work on all basic obedience skills using gentle and positive methods. We teach the puppies to respond to visual or hand cues as well as verbal commands. Lastly, we will focus on behavioral issues that are prevalent in puppies, like biting, chewing and jumping. We help you with crate training and potty training, and cover the basics of “the science of canine behavior”. You leave the class a very knowledgeable dog owner with the ability to help your pup redirect its instinctive behaviors in appropriate and acceptable ways.

This class is incredible. I’ve been to other puppy classes, but your training is on a whole different level. It’s clear that you love and understand animals.
— Beth Brown, Tacoma, WA

Important Information: Puppies 3 – 6 months must have the second full set of vaccinations to attend.*

Classes given in groups of 6, 1-hour sessions (Discounts given to shelter dogs, as well as senior and disabled adults. This discount may not be combined with other discounts or promotions.)**

*All other ages must be current on all necessary vaccinations

**Many new puppy owners are concerned about their puppy being exposed to puppy diseases like Parvo and Distemper. These are only passed through the fences of unvaccinated dogs. If there is ever an “accident” in puppy class, all the dogs are picked up, the accident is cleaned and disinfected and then the puppies are put back down. There has never been a report of a puppy getting one of the diseases mentioned above in any Good Citizen Canine class. It is crucially important to socialize puppies at a very early age. Experts and veterinarians are stressing the importance of early socializing to reduce behavioral problem later in the dog’s life. If you have any concerns about this, please contact Deborah Rosen directly at (253) 752-6878.

We want the best for Shasta, our five month old miniature Australian Shepherd and Deb is Tacoma’s best puppy trainer. Deb taught us how to socialize, focus and get the most out of the training time with our puppy. Deb is to dogs what Sylvan is to kids. We plan to attend all of her classes.
— Pam & Jack Clark - Olympia, WA