Brain Work

  • Is your dog bored?

  • Is your dog like the energizer bunny?

  • Is there is never enough exercise?

  • Is he or she always getting into trouble?

Time to put your dog’s brain to work!

The number one problem with most companion dogs is that they are enormously intelligent and we cannot challenge their brains enough to keep them happy. If your dog fits this description and is in need of “gainful employment” this is the class for you.

Our Brain Work class uses the dog’s brain and incorporates “free shaping” techniques to challenge the dog to read your mind. Instead of barking commands at your dog or luring them into behaving the way we want, we give the dog the challenge they need to “figure it out” on their own. Of course, we help them along the way, but do so by breaking all of the usual paradigms. At the end of a challenging Brain Work class or exercises you are given to do at home, your dog is “dog tired” from thinking and using his or her brain.

People who complete this amazing class are completely blown away by what their dog is capable of doing for them. To see it is to believe it! Don’t waste one more minute – enroll your dog in our Brain Work class and see how to get their brain to work and how to make them very happy.