Kautz Kurnath

Training, Boarding, & Daycare

My dog, Kautz, and I both love Good Citizen. Deb and her staff are fantastic and take great care of him, even recognizing when he tires himself out from having too much fun. They worked wonders with his training, and have done the even harder work of training me to keep up with it.

Lindsay Kurnath, Tacoma

Friends that Last a Lifetime!

Twelve years ago Deborah and Good Citizen were our savior. They taught me and my pup to communicate effectively. We started with Puppy Kindergarten and progressed through most of her classes including what was at the time called Growly Class and is now called Advanced Meet & Greet. Deborah connected with my dog using patience, skill and toughness. She taught me more than she ever taught our pooch. So much so, that today as I laid my dog to rest I thought of all she brought to our family. Thank you Deborah. We will, without a doubt, trust you with the training of all our dogs in the future.

Traci Nelson, Puyallup, WA

I'm so sorry for your loss Traci. Nazzy was a wonderful friend and companion and I know you will miss her deeply. It was my joy and pleasure to give you the guidance you needed with her to help her be the best friend you could have. I mourn her loss as well as our own wonderful Dolce who we lost last year. We never forget them - they teach us so many important lessons about love and human emotion. Today, on Thanksgiving I'm grateful for all of the four and two-legged friends, like you and Nazzy that I've met over the years. Be well, my friend!


Albus Dumbledog

Deborah and her team have quickly become like family. Albus has spent time in Good Citizen Dog daycare and we have enrolled in both the Good Citizen Dog Puppy Kindergarten and Pupoy II classes. I could not be more impressed. Because of Deborah and her staff's training, Albus, at just over 6 months old, constantly receives compliments on how well behaved and trained he is. Because the instruction he (and I) have received, I'm able to have him join me throughout most of my work days, fulfilling a dream of having a constant companion, not just a "home" dog. 

They are patient with questions, and make it their mission to set you up for success with recommendations for everything from collars, to toys, to food. You really feel like you are getting the expert shortcuts every step of the way. 

As a fellow business owner, I appreciate the time and care that has been put into creating a holistic experience, intentionally engineered to support Albus's development. If you want the best training and the safest environment you could find for your 4-legged family member, look no further.

- Aaron Jacobs, and Albus Dumbledog, Tacoma WA

Kuma the Rescue Pom

Albus Dumbledog

I'm so glad that I picked up the phone and made the appointment to meet Deborah. She is an amazing trainer; very honest, nice and straight forward when it comes to training you and your dog on how to correct bad behaviors and achieve good ones. I appreciate her honesty and advice when it comes to how I can be a better dog Mom to my fur baby. Kirsten and the rest of the staff is wonderful and truly amazing with all the dogs that come there. Kuma has become a more well rounded dog because of how they get the dogs of all breeds and sizes to interact with each other in a peaceful and fun way. Since bringing Kuma there she has built up her confidence and she is now playing with big dogs which is something that terrified her before I brought her there. I will continue to bring Kuma there for doggy day care, boarding and grooming needs. This is the best place to bring your dog for any and all reasons, The hours are wonderful, its in a convenient location and the owner and staff are the absolute best!

- Nikki S. Loehmer and Kuma, Tacoma, WA


Shy Piper


Good Citizen Dog Daycare is wonderful. My rescue had a rough start to life and was very wary of people, especially men when I adopted her. The staff at Good Citizen have been so caring and patient with her that she has just blossomed in her time there. The socialization with humans and other dogs has really helped her confidence She can't wait to get through the door when we arrive in the morning and when we get home at night she eats and goes to bed, happy and tired from her full day of play. I really like that the dogs have an indoor and outdoor play area & and in the summer heat they have kiddie pools to cool off in. Good Citizen has dog grooming right there with the daycare. Mindy has 17+ years experience as a groomer & does a beautiful job on my dog. I have been taking my dog to Good Citizen for two years and have never had a problem or issues. Manager Kirsten, groomer Mindy and the rest of the staff really care about the dogs in their charge.

Jenny Langlow & Piper, Tacoma

Group Classes


After nearly twenty years of only adopting adult rescues we adopted a 5 month old puppy, Kaiwi is an Australian Cattle Dog- every bit as smart as you hear. We had her in a class elsewhere and she was certainly learning but she was 'bored' and I could see in her eyes that she needed so much more. I called Deborah and she met with us within days and saw the same potential I did right away. We got Kai into Puppy II immediately, joining an class that was already in progress and WOW- the "structure" of learning, playing, interacting with the other dogs and other owners was such a different atmosphere than we had experienced before and Kaiwi just loved it! We left our first class with smiles on our faces with a happy, tired dog. By the end of 5 weeks she had not only mastered the commands that were taught, she was a different dog! Instead of the hesitant suspicious obedient cattle dog that I took in there the first time (afraid to let off lead with other dogs) we left with a happy, playful thrilled-to-be-obedient puppy who won over a few hearts and can't wait to get started in Advanced class in a couple of days (on her 9 month birthday!) and work towards her CGC! Kaiwi is brilliant, we are willing to put in the time and work, but I really owe SO much to Deborah for really seeing in her what I did and having the patience and experience to help relieve me of my mommy-anxiety and let Kaiwi shine! 
On that note, Deborah seemed very tuned in to each dog in our class and their personalities as well as the personality of their owners. Building on their strengths and always having suggestions for not only class time but for time at home as well. 
I highly recommend Deborah and Good Citizen for dog obedience (everyone needs it!), behavior issues, and just for fun! We both always go to class and we enjoy spending the time with our dog!

- Renate Rain & Don Powers, Tacoma

Group Classes, Daycare & Boarding

Love Deb. All of the staff really cares about and love dogs. They're very intentional about learning exactly what their customers are looking to get out of their dog's behavior and helping you get there. They provide the resources you need to be able to continue training your dog outside of the class. Very hands-on approach which I loved.

We'll be using Good Citizen for everything from now on. They do it all: training, boarding, daycare.

And they do it all with excellence.

Caitlin Modine & Tucker


Private Training, Group Classes, Daycare


I started out my puppy early around 8 weeks at a national chain pet store that charged $199 +tax for 6 sessions. My pup wasn't much better at listening or having any kind of focus or calmness to him. I sought out other trainers in the area. I decided on a home trainer that had decent reviews. I was HORRIFIED with what happened with my dog. I came to Good CitiZEN after HORRIFIC experience with the other trainer that I felt had "broken" my 12 week old pup. 

Costa is a Husky with a very stubborn mind. It's been such a blessing to have Good CitiZEN Dog Training work with him. In only 4 sessions it's like I have a new dog! I still have plenty of work to do with him, but I will do all of the work with Good CitiZEN. The training is ALL positive and Costa gets SO excited to come to his weekly trainings. I even signed him up for doggie daycare and found that after a day of fun, supervised play that my pup is more focused to work at home on his training. I HIGHLY recommend training and daycare at Good CitiZEN. Don't go anywhere else!! Good CitiZEN is such a VALUE that I can't believe the low cost for the "product" that you get. My pup LOVES going every week to training, is more focused and now from the training he and I've learned from the sessions, he finds his practice FUN! This is the place to go for training and daycare. Don't waste you money anywhere else!

- Stephanie Lewis and Costa

Daycare, Boarding & Grooming!

Our rescue dog Paco has thrived at Good Citizen daycare since we adopted him in October. Thanks to Kirsten and the rest of the staff, he is always loved and taken care of and is now much more comfortable around other dogs. We have also boarded him there on weekends and it's been a great experience for him and peace of mind for us AND we have him groomed by Mindy who is awesome! Having daycare, boarding, grooming and training on-site with indoor and outdoor options for the dogs is so convenient. Highly recommend!

- Deanne Kennedy Caron, Tacoma, WA


Private Training

I can’t say enough good things about Deborah, and Good Citizen Dog Training. My beautiful 10 month old Doberman puppy Sophie was into everything and out of control. One private lesson later and it was like I have had a new dog. Sophie and I both learned a ton of new tricks and great exercises to keep us both happy. Amazing results.
I am so impressed that we are signing up for the Pupppy II class and doggy day care. The programs offered by Good Citizen are well worth the investment, now I have a well behaved best friend. Thanks for all you guys do.

- Rebecca Hertzog, Sophie’s Mom, Port Orchard, WA.

Puppy Class

“Deborah helped us train our new puppy, Kato, when he was 10 weeks old. We went to every obedience class and he quickly became the dog we always wanted – attentive, happy and easy to train. When he began to show signs of resource guarding we knew that Good CitiZEN would be there to help. The Growly Class was truly superb and was not offered elsewhere. Kato learned to share his toys with other dogs and his guarding nature is under control. He is absolutely the best canine companion and we have Deborah and Good CitiZEN to thank.”

- Joe Barlow and Bethany Maines from Tacoma, WA.