Sam I Am!

I just started a "boot camp" with a five month old Boston Terrier named Sam. Admittedly, I have never had a real "love affair" with Boston Terriers, but this guy is really challenging. He's super cute - has one brown eye and one blue one and his ears are huge and stand straight up. I know he's used his "good looks" to give him license to do things he shouldn't do. 


I got a long list of behaviors to work on from his owner who is away on vacation and Sam is boarding with us while she is gone. One of those things was leash walking and she wasn't kidding - he's awful. Usually, I can get most dogs walking well in one intensive session. Well, not Sam! He has two modes when he's walking. He either plants his four feet and won't budge, or he pulls like a banshee. The pulling part I can deal with using our own "walking Zen" technique to get the dog to focus on you instead of what he/she is pulling toward. The refusal to walk is another story.

I called the owner and asked if this was a typical behavior and found out that this is something Sam does when he's not in the mood to walk or a little too tired. So, I've got my work cut out for me. Another work in progress! Check in later in the week and, hopefully, I'll have made some progress.