Daycare Services

Tacoma location (207 N. I Street, across from the Tacoma Little Theater)

A Good Dog is a Tired Dog

Facility Hours: Monday - Friday, 6:00am - 7:00PM 

Good CitiZEN Dog Daycare is unique in many ways. To begin with, we are dog trainers and play specialists. We understand what makes for "safe and friendly" play - we know how to safely socialize them. We take responsibility for giving dogs positive and corrective feedback as they play to ensure they learn the proper play etiquette. We are pleased to say that many of our daycare dogs are current or former students. They attended our group classes as puppies and have learned and developed the right play skills under our guidance and supervision. We also have highly trained dog wranglers who understand how to monitor and adjust dog play to keep the dogs safe and happy.

For dogs that are new to us, we require a “meet & greet” to ensure that any new dog coming to the daycare has the social skills and experiences to fit into our pack. Our facility has a large indoor and outdoor space that the dogs will occupy, so the dogs can "do their business" outside, unlike other dog daycares that only have indoor spaces. Both are completely secure. Our staff supervises your dogs and they are never left alone. We will rotate dogs into different spaces to make sure they are getting a chance to play with different dogs and to ensure they get a diverse play experience and do not get bored or feel neglected.

Good CitiZEN Daycare dogs will follow a schedule that includes intensive play, exercise, rest periods, feeding (if needed) and lots and lots of love. Of course, since we’re dog trainers, there will be some training that happens here as well. We can’t help ourselves – we like dogs that are well behaved! We correct excessive jumping, barking in addition to making sure the dogs “play nicely in the playground” with each other. For those of you in need of more intensive training, please explore the various training options listed on this website – such as the Day Training, Boot Camp or Board and Train programs. Each are wonderful choices for busy people who still want well-socialized and well-trained dogs.

The prices quoted below are for the Tacoma location.


Good Citizen Dog Daycare must have current vaccine information on file. For the safety of every dog, we require each dog to be current on their vaccines.

To avoid possible outbreaks, all clients must supply us with a current list of vaccines for their pet(s) before service begins. As you may know, there is no foolproof way to keep every dog 100% safe – but vaccines help to protect your pet(s) from spreadable contagion. We maintain a database with information on each dog, dates of vaccines and it prompts us to let you know when your dog is due for their vaccines.

*Vaccinations required: Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP, yearly Fecal Exam.

Each dog’s vaccines expire on different dates; we implement proof of vaccination requests for each client to update their pet(s) information. You may drop-off vaccination copies whenever we are open for business. Remember, dogs in good health have a more rewarding daycare experience.

All dog(s) must be neutered by 8 months of age.

Rates List

Day Care Services


  • Half-Day (up to 4 hours) – $22.00

  • Full Day (over 4 hours) – $32.00

Multi-Day Packages

All Packages Expire After 30 Days (From First Day Of Use)
(We also have half-day package rates - please call to inquire)

  • 4-Day Package – $120

  • 8-Day Package – $215

  • 12-Day Package – $285 ($21/day)

  • 16-Day Package – $375

  • Unlimited Days – $425 (come for full days, Monday - Friday)

  • Unlimited Days – $525 (includes weekends)

We have amazing rates for multi-dog households. Each extra dog is only an additional $20.

  • 30 minutes of training – $50.00 (with one of our expert trainers)

  • 45 minutes of training – $80.00 (with one of our expert trainers)

Dogs may be dropped off after 6:00AM and MUST be picked up no later than 7:00PM. A late fee of $15 will be added for each 15 minute increments of time for each late pick-up.

For more rate information, or to set up a “meet & greet”, please contact the daycare at (253-752-6878).