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Slick Tricks

Every dog should have a few tricks up his or her sleeve! If you have an uber smart or highly energetic dog (or both) this is your class. Have a great time with your dog while helping him or her learn some really cool tricks chosen with your dog’s particular personality and physique in mind. We cover a wide variety of fun tricks including (but, not limited to): spin, paw, take a bow, sit pretty, wave, hi five, rollover, jumps, weaving between your legs, jumping through hoops (literally) and we advise and coach you on additional tricks best suited to your dog!

We use our own methods using positive reward-based training and free-shaping techniques to motivate and encourage you and your dog. This course is a great pre-cursor to agility, therapy dog certification and a potential career as a dog star! Teaching tricks is a great way to enhance your relationship with your dog, to improve overall canine manners and your skills as a trainer while having a blast!

Earlier Event: June 29
Puppy II (Intermediate Puppy)