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Advanced Meet & Greet (reactive dog class) Enroll Now!!!

AMG is Good CitiZEN Dog’s signature class. No other training group in western Washington does this class as effectively or so we’ve been told. We have graduated well over a thousand dogs and grateful dog owners from this amazing class who, after completion found a new “leash on life” - pun intended. This class is primarily geared to help dog owners gain more control of their dogs, primarily on leash. The class helps dogs that range from simply overexcited all the way to “fear-based” behaviors when encountering others on leash.

Whether you have an older rescue dog with an impoverished play or social history or a dog you’ve had since it was a puppy, this class will help you achieve an expert level of handling skills. Using de-sensitizing and counter conditioning techniques, the dogs gain confidence in social settings while limiting and reversing patterns of unwanted behavior. It is a fabulous class and is taught by Deborah Rosen, who designed, developed and refined it over the last 15 years.

Make your walks and time spent with your dog more enjoyable to you and those around you.