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Puppy II (Intermediate Puppy)

This is the second level class in the basic obedience series and is designed for slightly older puppies, generally between 5 and 10 months. This is a 6-week class with a increased focus on basic obedience skills, extended impulse control, including "down/stay" and a longer distance recall (come when called). We still have plenty of on and off-leash play and interaction with other dogs and people. We break for play a little less, but there is still plenty of structured playtime to monitor the pups "play skills" and to encourage them to make new friends and play well. under our watchful supervision.

Like human children, It is important to continue training and educating your puppy as it gets a little older. This is the time to manage any fear and gain greater control, in general, before it becomes a problem. Owners learn even more in this class about how to be a fantastic dog handler. Puppy II is SO important for continuing your pup's education and your own.

If you missed our Puppy Kindergarten but have an older puppy and you want to jump into this class, it is recommended that you do a private session to bring your pup's and your skills up to the right level. For more info, please contact